Poverty is Degrading Together We Can Lift Each Other Up

Housing Is A Human Right

We simply cannot ignore the growing homeless and eviction crisis during mass unemployment and pandemic. How often do you see the homeless in the streets? How many more tents have you seen pop up during mass unemployment because of evictions? With freezing temperatures at night, rainy days, and blistering heat during the summer months we have people outside without any resources or help. As a city we must come together and help house our homeless neighbors. Housing is a human right.

Fighting Displacement

  1. Freeze property taxes for individual homeowners who live in neighborhoods where property taxes have increased by 10% or more for three subsequent years, and who have household incomes below the Atlanta median income ($65,000).

    What does this mean?

    We are going to make sure that if you make less than $65,000 a year your property taxes will NOT increase if you live in a neighborhood where property taxes have increased 10% or more 3 year in a row.

  2. Create a permanent legacy resident fund to prevent displacement. Money from the fund can be used to subsidize property taxes and/or home repairs for legacy residents who cannot afford to keep pace with rising costs and code violations.
  3. Execute development moratoriums for all multi-million dollar commercial and luxury residential developments in gentrifying neighborhoods or gentrification-vulnerable neighborhoods until Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) establish Community Benefit Agreement guidelines for new developments.

    • Provide funding to NPUs to hire consultants that can provide technical assistance in developing Community Benefit Agreements.
    What does this mean?

    Experts are hired by the city to work on behalf of the community to come to agreement with developers on how their projects will benefit the community. Developers must agree to these agreements to continue their projects.

  4. Sign a resolution urging Georgia state lawmakers to remove the rent control ban.
    • Once rent control ban is repealed, fight to institute rent control policies on all units in the city, such that rents cannot increase by more than 3% annually.
  5. Decriminalize homelessness, and feed the unhoused. Eliminate loitering laws.
  6. Conduct inventory of vacant city owned properties that can be used as permanent or transitional housing for un-housed populations.

    What does this mean?

    The city will track unused properties so they can be used to provide permanent or temporary shelter for the unhoused.

  7. Address the ever growing problem of not just the unhoused, but the formerly incarcerated unhoused populations.


  1. Remove APD authority from executing evictions.
  2. Wipe evictions from tenants records after 3 years to prevent discrimination against these tenants in future housing applications.
  3. Fund an Atlanta Housing Authority program that helps residents facing eviction find permanent housing before they are evicted from their unit.
  4. Standardize moratoriums on evictions during periods of economic, health or social crisis, including but not limited to pandemics and recessions.

    What does this mean?

    No one will be evicted from their home during difficult financial times such as during pandemics and recessions.