Our City Is Crumbling

Basic Infrastructure

The city has failed to maintain proper sidewalks and crosswalks, stop signs where they are needed, well-lit walkable streets, and speed bumps on roads where people walk with their families and dogs to name a few.

Your lights should not be flickering because of a rainy day, and you most certainly should not have to pay out of pocket because a pothole caused damage to your bicycle or vehicle. And you most certainly shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars because a dangerous tree fell on your roof.

Walking to and from work should not be a risk at any time of the day, which is why I will fight to ensure basic infrastructure needs are being met for those that live in the 4th district. The burden of simple infrastructure should not fall on the constituent, it should be the city’s and the District Representative’s responsibility. Basic infrastructure is a human right.

  1. We must make sure that District 4 has accessible, clean, and well-managed roads with traffic calming devices, stop signs, and sidewalks and without potholes.

    • Lower the requirement of signatures to get these done (many properties are owned by landlords/developers not residents).
    What is a traffic calming device?

    Not a speed camera! These are physical designs that are put in place to reduce car speeds and make sure everyone on the road is safe.

  2. We need infrastructure in place to prevent damage and long lasting power outages caused by natural disasters, such as flooding and severe storms, and minimize response times to address such damage.
  3. We need experts to identify hazardous trees and remove them to avoid damage to people, personal property, and powerlines.

    • Hire more arbory specialists/arborists to identify what trees are hazardous or can result in property damage and assist those dealing with dead/dying trees.
    What is an arborist?

    A tree expert.

  4. Better waste management system and increase investment for the Solid Waste Education & Enforcement Team to prevent accumulation of dumping.
  5. Mass Public education campaign on maintaining a clean community.
  6. Place trash cans at Marta bus stops and other high foot traffic areas.
  7. Jobs program that recruits from within the district to help rebuild our infrastructure: providing jobs, income stability, and a livable wage.