Forcing Politicians To Keep Their Promises

Government Accountability

Imagine an Atlanta city government that's transparent, accountable, and accessible to normal people.

It's not a pipe dream. There are reforms we can make already that are modeled after what works and will help people thrive.

  1. Properly funding the ONE Atlanta Offices, including the Office of Cultural Affairs, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Office of Resiliency, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Office of Immigrant Affairs, etc.
  2. Publish public office spending breakdown.
  3. Require elected officials to be removed from office after a certain amount of ethics violations.
  4. Hold city council members accountable if they violate campaign finance regulations after a certain amount of times.
  5. Repeal the time limit for speaking during public comment passed in 2020and restore the previous window of public comment.
  6. Make City Council meetings accessible and free.
  7. Launch a public website that includes an open database and interactive map of the city, which displays current zoning information, future planned development ordinances and exhibits, Special Use permits, deed restrictions etc.

    What does this mean?

    Everyone has easy access to an online map that shows you what is being built in Atlanta.

  8. Oppose development projects that require an excess amount of public financing, such as The Gulch and direct those funds towards transit and public housing development.

    What does this mean?

    Your taxpayer funds should be going back into the community and not to building stadiums as they have been in the past.