Our Issues

It is time Atlanta stops viewing human rights issues as political issues.
It is time Atlanta has a true progressive fighting for the people of Atlanta.
It is time those that have been most ignored are heard.

It is time for change in Atlanta.

I will not only fight for the people, but I will make sure their concerns are being heard and taken care of. These policies are how I'm going to do it.

Community Support

We Deserve Paychecks That Can Pay The Bills
  • District 4 Stimulus
  • More grocery stores & community gardens
  • Internet For All
  • Rent & Utility Relief


Our City Is Crumbling
  • Make MARTA Free
  • Hire Atlantans to Build Atlanta
  • Fix The Potholes

Affordable Housing

We Deserve A City We Can Afford
  • Freeze Property Taxes
  • Protect Legacy Residents
  • Homes for the Homeless
  • Remove APD Eviction Authority


Our City Deserves Better Than Corrupt Politicians & Crooked Cops
  • Defund The Police
  • Justice For Police Brutality
  • Fire Corrupt Politicians

Small Business

We Deserve A Community Where Business Is Booming
  • Micro loans for minority small business
  • City jobs for our youth
  • Affordable commercial space

Climate Justice

Work With Our Planet, Not Against It!
  • Make Atlanta carbon neutral by 2030
  • Ban utility shutoffs during the pandemic
  • Green jobs program

LGBTQ2+ Justice

We all deserve to live in dignity
  • Housing for Queer Youth
  • Anti-discrimination ordinance
  • Gender-neutral restrooms