Our Issues

It is time Atlanta stops viewing human rights issues as political issues.
It is time Atlanta has a true progressive fighting for the people of Atlanta.
It is time those that have been most ignored are heard.

It is time for change in Atlanta.

I will not only fight for the people, but I will make sure their concerns are being heard and taken care of. These policies are how I'm going to do it.

Our City Is Crumbling

The people here have worked together with pride and mutual respect for decades. Now the streets are covered in potholes, hazardous trees, power lines. And it's hard to get support, because so much of the neighborhood is owned by investors that don't even live here!

Enough. It's time for a city council that's ready to make noise and let people unlock their true potential.

We Deserve A City We Can Afford

This district is filled with leaders - people who've put their neighborhoods and cities on their back to set an example!

We shouldn't be punished for raising a family here. Our kids need better roads, sidewalks, and speed bumps - and so do the rest of us!

Our Community Deserves Paychecks That Can Pay The Bills

The Vision: stronger, more engaged communities. Let's have common sense relief so working class people can keep up with the cost of living, and help Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) better communicate and coordinate with each other.

Poverty is Degrading Together We Can Lift Each Other Up

Housing a human right - and the way we've treated our poorest is a human rights violation.

Society treats our neighbors like losers when they hit hard times, when more often they need patience, care, and opportunity.

Housing the houseless isn't just humane - it's cost-effective. So let’s FINALLY get our budget in order and start doing the right thing.

We Deserve Real Justice

I was at dozens of peaceful protests for Black lives over the summer, and I'm shocked at how unresponsive the city has been to the people's demands.

We deserve leadership that will take on the establishment. We won't just raise hell to hold the victims of police violence accountable, we'll refund the communities that built this city.

A Community Where Business Is Booming

People on the outside think that West End is like this because we don't work hard enough. But the truth is that so much black labor and wealth goes to ownership from outside the neighborhood.

We’ve flattened the district out trying to appease outside investors. Let’s lead with strength and make it easier for people to start small businesses, help people hire their neighbors at a living wage, and encourage businesses built on co-operative control so that we have owners who actually live here and care about the neighborhood.

Forcing Politicians ToKeep Their Promises

Imagine an Atlanta city government that's transparent, accountable, and accessible to normal people.

It's not a pipe dream. There are reforms we can make already that are modeled after what works and will help people thrive.

We Deserve A City With Clean & Affordable Public Transit

If you take MARTA to your job, you’re probably already worn out by the time you clock in. And y’all know what the train stations are like on this side of town.

There have been positive steps, but there’s still more to do in order to get people to work on time without so much walking.

Climate Action & Energy Equity

We need to stop cutting off people’s utilities while this crisis is active, and invest in creating emergency resources that are owned by the community.

Let’s work together to make green jobs and green spaces, so that people can ride from Bankhead to Buckhead and feel like first class citizens the whole way there.