District 4 Dividend

Our campaign is looking to aggressively and efficiently address the racial wealth gap in the District by providing direct payments to Black residents of Atlanta City Council District 4.

The statistics as it relates to poverty, income, and the racial wealth gap are shocking, and must be addressed head on. The median household income is $29,953, and 71% of residents of District 4 make under $50,000 per year. While many government programs and other initiatives to address issues such as this have been attempted, most have failed. We believe strongly that it is time to chart a different course to attack the problem.

Black Americans never receiving 40 Acres and a Mule combined with redlining, racial covenants, and being shut out from New Deal housing and education programs leads us to the point we are at today as it relates to the staggering wealth gap that exists. It’s time to address this head on.

The District 4 Dividend program aims to raise $3 million in private donations, and distribute the funds to 250 Black District 4 residents who earn less than $50,000 per year. They will receive $1,000 in direct payments each month for 12 months.

We will commit to raising an additional $3 million in year 2, and aggressively increase the amount of private funds that his task force raises. The final phase will involve working to pitch 5 of the largest Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta to fund a 3-6 year pilot program to provide District 4 Dividend payments to 5,000 residents.

To be clear, this is not reparations. The federal government is ultimately the only entity with the resources available to provide complete redress to Black Americans, as a potential program is estimated to cost $11-$14 trillion. We see the District 4 Dividend proposal as a bold policy that is possible on the local level.

We plan to create a task force of 4 Co-Chairs and 20 additional members from the business, real estate, entertainment, community, and social justice space. They will be tasked with raising all necessary funds and getting them officially disbursed. We will completely fund the website, community engagement, and marketing to get the word out about the program from his City Council office budget if elected.

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