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Picture of Rogelio at his front door.
Hi, I'm Rogelio

I was born and raised here in Atlanta, but my parents immigrated from Mexico. Growing up, my mother worked hard to provide every opportunity she could for my sister and I. She beat the odds, but not every family is so lucky.

It seems like a lot of us in Atlanta have run out of luck. As Atlanta gentrifies, as long-time residents are forced out of their communities, as police budgets grow and police presence becomes more destructive and violent, our basic needs are disregarded.

This isn’t luck - this is the direct result of so-called public servants ignoring the needs of the people.

I believe that the things we rely on to live a good life - a living wage, affordable housing, equitable access to public transport, and quality infrastructure - are not political. These shouldn’t be demands. These are basic human rights every Atlantan deserves.

It’s time our city council learned to listen to the voices of the working class. It’s time to fight. That’s why I’ve decided to take power back from the property developers and the other corporate interests who think they run our city. Atlanta is our home, and we deserve a city that is built for us. It's time to remind the rich and powerful who this city really belongs to. It's time to take our city back for the people of Atlanta.

I intend to do what’s right for the people. That’s why our campaign is 100 percent people-powered. And I’d be honored for you to join me.

Rogelio Arcila
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Our movement isn't run by donors, it's run by ordinary people taking time out of their day to talk to their neighbors and improve our community. In a few hours you can have fun with your friends and make an impact in this city. Let’s win together.