Rogelio Arcila Candidate For Atlanta City Council District 4

I was raised by a single mom in an immigrant household in Atlanta. Growing up poor with the barriers society put in my mom’s way has molded me into the person I am today. She had to worry about feeding my sister and I, paying bills, providing a roof over our head, making sure we were safe, healthy, and educated, all while working several jobs to make ends meet.

While my family and I are in a good place now, it wasn’t without the help of our community. Too many Atlantans face problems like these to this day but not everyone has a support system in place to lift them up. It is time we uplift those in underserved communities and the working class of Atlanta. It is time we bring equity and equality to Atlanta. I am a great candidate to represent those that have been forgotten in the City of Atlanta.

Picture of Rogelio at his front door.
Register Before October 4th
Early Voting October 12th-29th
Election Day November 2nd
Register to vote, request an absentee ballot and find early voting locations at your Georgia My Voter Page
Fighting For People, Not Profits
District 4 Dividend
$1,000 a month
5,000 Residents
Principles Matter.
People Matter.

I joined this race to put our people first. Homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, and increasing income inequality are just a few issues plaguing District 4. Our community deserves better.

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